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Originally Posted by TiNMAN
kouki monster, whats your member name on partypoker? maybe youve schooled me before

colingr, probably not. i don't play enough and i only play for 30 minutes before i get bored and play counterstrike. only play money. holdem.

Originally Posted by HyperTek
woah thanks for the info koukimonster.. i didnt know you could rig the vehicles.. sweeet
yea man, we should play sometime depending on ping and drive around with rigged up humvees or whatever searching for tanks. try it out and tell me how it goes. its even more hillarious when you put all 5 on your grill or put each stick of c4 on each wheel, haha.

it makes me laugh so hard especially when people start getting mad at me hahaah. but yea tell me how it goes. i think i might go play right now.
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