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Chat General Discussion About The Nissan 240SX and Nissan Z Cars

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Chat Rules and Guidelines

Chat Rules and Guidelines

This is the Chat Forum. Any Technical discussion on the S/Z chassis should be posted in the Tech Forum. Anything that’s not related to the Forum you're posting in belongs in the Off-Topic Forum. Keep topics related to the S or Z chassis at all times.

Try the Search Feature, many common questions and topics have been brought up many times before and chances are you will find excellent information on your desired questions. Also try looking in the FAQs & Archive Section for answers. You can also look on the Zilvia.net Technical Page.

This is not a private message forum, so if you need to contact a single person please use the Private Message feature or Email.

Please respect others and the community. Not everyone can see eye to eye, although this does not permit you to attack other members. If you have a problem send them an email or PM.

Topics will be moved/locked at moderators discretion.

New users:
New users have fewer privileges, to include an inability to post threads, have signatures, embed images in their posts, and others. There are a variety of reasons for these limitations, and it's in your best interest to behave in a positive manner and contribute to the forum. You will automatically be given increased privileges as you go.

Build threads:
Almost everyone enjoys building their cars and sharing that experience, as well as checking out others' builds for inspiration. Sadly, far too many users have a tendency to do half-hearted builds and either rarely update or update with trivial progress. In the interest of keeping the Chat forum clear of three hundred 'Install SR, ziptie aero, rattlecan paint' threads, incomplete, or in-progress build threads are not allowed. If you have completed your build, wrangle all those pictures into a post and tell us about it, but make sure the build is finalized. If you insist on having an in-progress build, Premium members have a specialized subforum for that specific purpose.

Pornographic and/or Sensitive Material
This is a CAR forum. Moreover, this is a private forum which is publicly open to minors. These things mean Zilvia is about the LAST place for pornographic material to be presented. Any material above PG-13 which is either displayed via IMG tags, linked to, uploaded, or otherwise presented will result in ONE warning, followed by a BAN if the offense is repeated.
In addition, any information deemed sensitive such as celebrity phone numbers, social security numbers, VIN numbers not posted by their owners, etc. will be deleted and the user who posted it warned and then banned if the offense is repeated.

Pyramid schemes, Referral links, etc
Users are not permitted to make money by utilizing Zilvia's bandwidth, other than by selling their parts, etc in the FS sections. Linking to pyramid schemes like freeiPods or freeflatscreens, hits4pay, etc etc WILL result in administrative action without prior warning necessary. If you have the slightest concern that something you're linking to might not be kosher, don't do it.

Zilvia is not a grievance forum. If you have a problem with a seller or buyer, settle it with them. If you are unable to contact them and seek further assistance, contact your (and their) local law enforcement.

Racial Slurs/Ethnic bashing, etc
This sort of thing will NOT be tolerated. Users who choose to do so face permanent banning from Zilvia without warning.

In an effort to reduce post-whoring and other nonsense posting, we have applied a few more new rules.

No more IBTL-types of posts

These include:
  • In Before The Lock
  • In Before The Ban
  • In Before The Pink
  • In Before The Brown
  • and other funny or not-so funny variations.
If you find yourself in a situation where you feel a mod will intervene, then maybe instead of posting nonsense to get your postcount up, you could report the thread. The icon is found under the username and looks like this: . And it also adds 1 post to your count when creating the reported post in the infraction forum only moderation can see, if that matters to you.

No more <msglength> in your posts

If your message is too short to meet the message length guidelines, then it is probably not very useful. This does not mean that you can beat the system by adding nonsense like "msglenghbullshitblablabla". Make your posts worthwhile and be a good contribution to the forum. Agreeing by saying "Yes. msglength" does not add any value to the forum.


Depending on the person, the quantity of infractions and many other variables, infractions could range from:
  • Post(s) Deleted
  • Warning
  • Pinking / Browning
  • Banning

Please see the post below regarding signatures.

So remember, less nonsense, more reporting () and everyone is happier!

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